Come to Life Close

Jun 2021

Come to Life

The magic continues as the beloved stories on Disney+ Hotstar come to life across Malaysia. Co-created by Leo Burnett and Publicis Media.

Layar Harapan Close

Mar 2021

Layar Harapan

Is technology a threat to our culture and traditions? Or can it play an important role in preserving them?

To launch the iPhone 12, Maxis shone a light on the dying art of Wayang Kulit through the story of Tok Dalang (Puppet Master) Pak Cu and Adam, his grandson and heir.

MINI Love Stories: Raja Reza Close

Feb 2021

MINI Love Stories: Raja Reza

Mr MINI himself shows off his bewildering collection and documents how the iconic car has been a part of his family for as long as he can remember.

Prosperity, No Matter What. Close

Jan 2021

Prosperity, No Matter What.

After a tough 2020, anticipation and hope for a better year was stronger than ever. We encouraged Malaysians to look forward to brighter days with their Prosperity – their loved ones. Because the ones who matter will always be there, no matter what.

Strong Me, Stronger Us Close

Nov 2020

Strong Me, Stronger Us

Communities become stronger when thriving individuals have the strength to lift each other up. We wanted to convey this message, as well as the nutritional role that milk can play, in an unprecedented way by using a novel visual mnemonic that nobody will forget.

MINI Love Stories: Calvin Close

Nov 2020

MINI Love Stories: Calvin

From casual petrolhead to full-on MINIac. Calvin’s collection of rare MINIs turns many green with envy, but his restoration of a Traveler from besi buruk to 150km/h was truly a labour of love.

The Chipsmore #2Fast2Sing Birthday Song Challenge Close

Oct 2020

The Chipsmore #2Fast2Sing Birthday Song Challenge

You’d never catch Gen Z’s at a 30 year old’s birthday party. But we got them to sing our very own birthday song to a 30-year old brand with the ridiculous and over-the-top #2Fast2Sing Birthday Song Challenge.

Hijack The Hype Close

Oct 2020

Hijack The Hype

How do you take attention away from the launch of an eagerly-anticipated competitor smartphone? Hijack the search intent and hype for iPhone 12 Pro and showcase the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 as the real pro.